This venue is a semi-private event that host art and music sessions. The events are documented on line via photos, recordings, soundcloud and youtube. It is a place where artist and musicians can exhibit and perform.

Album Recording Sessions: Artist are invited to create an album, this can take anywhere between one session to years of on and off recording time. Every album and artist creative process is taken into account.

Art Exhibitions: Artist are invited to exhibit either at the cottage or an alternative space.

Cashmere Kitties: Cashmere Kitties  is a mind-expanding, consciousness-warping music festival. Participating bands and DJs will break sonic boundaries. Delve into the artist of Kontemporary Kulture. Cashmere Kitties is proud to announce that this festival should be widely celebrated as an all ages, all day celebration of local and touring independent working musicians, artist, and business owners.This event has been made possible by the support and collaboration of like-minded business owners. Those who support a good cause and love to see their community have a good time as they rock out with contemporary culture.

Lop-Off Sessions:  Lop-off is essentially a day-long recording session, and a handful of bands are invited to participate and have a 30 minute time slot to record a song. It’s incredible to sit in and watch bands play for a comp and crank out music in such a small session this may occur At various locales around town, these sessions have been held in galleries to boutique clothing vintage stores.

Tour/Party Sessions: Is meant to cultivate a Miami Life Style apart from what is currently going on. Guest both from Miami and outside of Miami are invited to share with audiences; depending on the day in the week the parties may be called 'watermelon wednesdays or silly sundays', who knows the cottage is always a play of words, just look at the Lop-off sessions.

Transmission in the Treehouse: During 2019-2020 we released 12 Band Video Recordings with local guitar Company PureSalem Guitars then covid came, standby for future episodes.